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ukchronicles's Journal

The Watchers Chronicles
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1. This game is NC-17/FRAO. This means no one under the age of 17 may play. No exceptions will be made.

2. There's a limited cast for a reason. Only characters listed may be played. Do not ask to play a non-listed character.

3. Players must post at least once a week, although more than once a week is encouraged. If you cannot post in a timely manner, please leave a note in the OOC. Also, all tags must be 3-4 paragraphs long.

4. Spelling and grammar are your friends. We understand people make mistakes, but if you tend to make a lot of typos, please spell check before posting.

5. No super characters. The Slayers and vampires are the strongest characters. Willow cannot dust a vampire by waving her hand, and Xander can't beat up one of the Slayers.

6. Keep all OOC topics in the OOC community.

7. The rogue witch coven will be mod controlled. We will start posts where anyone can join.

8. Make your injuries realistic please. No one will walk away from a fight without a scratch on them. Also, please don't have your character being injured all the time. Attention whores are boring, y'all!

9. Giles/Wesley and Fred/Matthew will be established ships. Do not ask those characters/players to ship with you/your character. For all other characters/players, we welcome heterosexual and homosexual ships and open shipping.

10. The mods encourage open plotting. If you have an idea for your character, do it although if you need someone else‘s character, please clear your idea with them and try not to step on their or anyone else's plots. And if you need a mod's help with a plot, please feel free to contact one of us. We're here to help.

11. Characters may not be killed without the player’s and mods’ consent. This includes vamping!

12. Just because the game is AU doesn't mean your characters should be OOC. Giles will not suddenly be American, Willow will not suddenly be an uber-witch, ect. If you have questions about this rule, please contact a mod.

13. Frozen characters: These are characters that may be played but aren't, at this time, important to the plot. At this moment they are frozen and no one will be able to apply for them. Once the first character list is close to being filled, we will unfreeze the second list. In order to play the characters on the second list, you must come up with a good reason as to why they would make a good addition to the team.

14. Upon being accepted into the game, please join ukooc.

15. Most importantly, have fun!


When Wesley Wyndam-Pryce came to Sunnydale to be Faith and Buffy's Watcher, he quickly saw the error of the Council's ways. Instead of following their rule, he took up arms with Rupert Giles and soon became his lover.

After the fight with the Mayor, Wesley found himself cast aside by the Council, but he decided to stand by Giles' side and stayed in Sunnydale. The two eventually purchased the Magic Box, and one day, while they were cleaning, a portal opened and when it closed, they found a frightened Fred Burkle huddled under a table.

The two men nursed her back to health, and soon they were fighting to save Dawn's life.

After Buffy's death, Giles and Wesley went to England while Fred remained her adopted hometown, only to return when Willow raised the Slayer from the dead. When it became obvious Buffy didn't need them, they returned to England to live out their days. But, when Potentials and Watchers started to be murdered, they gathered all the surviving Potentials they could locate, as well as Giles' younger cousin Matthew Giles, a young Watcher, and came back to Sunnydale.

When news spread that the First was about to rise, Angel and Cordy came from Los Angeles to help them fight. Along with Tara, Willow cast the spell and made every potential a Slayer, and they eventually won the battle.


With the First gone, and the Council needing new leadership, Giles and Wesley decide to take the job with Fred and Matthew as their assistants. With Dawn, Buffy, Cordelia, Angel, Xander, Faith, Willow, and Tara in tow, all of them go to England to rebuild the Council and train the new Slayers.

But, lurking in the shadows is a deadly coven of witches, who have lost sight of the true meaning of magic and are bent on achieving ultimate power by controlling and killing the new Slayers. The new group, who don't always get along, now has to fight powerful magic to keep the world from ending.

Can they do it?

Character List:

Rupert Giles (Head of the new Watcher's Council): g_watcher
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Head of the new Watcher's Council): gfs_wesleypryce
Fred Burkle (Asst. to Wesley and Giles): sciencegrl_fred/sciencegrlfred
Matthew Giles: (Asst. to Wesley and Giles): Taken
Willow (Witch):
Tara (Witch): Taken
Angel (Soulled vampire): broodychampion
Cordelia (Half-demon with visions): visionsgrlcordy
Xander (Employee of the Watcher's Council): zeppoxan
Buffy (Slayer): suxtobechosen
Faith (Slayer): scratchyouout

Frozen Characters:

Darla (Vampire):
Drusilla (Vampire):
Lilah (Lawyer):
Lindsey (ex-Lawyer):
Dawn (Student, part-time researcher for Council):

All players must go here and fill out an application. All comments will be screened. And please read all the rules before replying!

Mod Team:
Liz: g_watcher
Lara: gfs_wesleypryce