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The Watchers Chronicles

Angel quickly locked the door of his room. So far that morning,…

The Watchers Chronicles

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Angel - BW Looking

Angel quickly locked the door of his room. So far that morning, he'd been badgered by several of the younger Slayers. They told him Xander had sent them because Angel wanted to train them. He was going to kill Harris the next time he saw him. One would think fighting side-by-side would make Xander hate him less, but it didn't seem the case.

Moving away from the door, Angel went to his bed and picked up his leather duster. He couldn't believe he still had it, considering all the fights he had worn it too. It had to be sewn up a few times, but it didn't show it. Shaking his head, Angel slipped the duster on and slipped out of his room.

He moved toward the common area but stopped when he sensed Buffy and Xander sitting in there. An involuntary growl rumbled from throat before he turned and walked the other way. He didn't want to see either of them so he headed toward the garden. Luckily for him, part of the roof covered the patio so he could sit out there without burning up.

Pulling out a chair, he sat down and stared out into the garden.

((Open to anyone))
  • If the Council lab rats asked to study her one more time, Cordelia was so going to go glowy on their asses and show them just what she was able to do. No offense to Wesley and Giles' friend Fred, who seemed to be into the whole science thing, but she really did not like scientists. She hadn't even liked science in high school, especially not when they had to dissect something.

    Which she swore the lab rats wanted to do to her, given half a chance.

    And she bet anything that Wesley's father was the one putting them up to it. Guy was a little weasel.

    Sighing, she headed outside, hoping to find a place that maybe she could have some zen time. Trying to meditate and do yoga in the Slayer building was not happening, not with the Baby Slayers yelling and running up and down the hall, usually singing some song that Cordy had never heard of before.

    When did she become so uncool?

    When she reached the garden, she glanced over and saw the familiar figure sitting on the patio in the shadows. Cordy zen time could wait. Heading over, she sat down next to Angel.

    "Hey. Baby Slayers become too much for you too? I always used to think one, then two, was more than enough. Kinda strange to see so many of them running around now."
    • Angel was about to get up from where he was sitting when he sensed Cordy coming. Looking to his side, he smiled when she sat down beside him. "Actually, Harris sent all of them to my room, telling them I wanted to train them." He let out an unneeded sigh. "He's dead when I see him again. You'd think he was over his pettiness with me."

      A light rain started to fall and Angel moved his chair back a little when some of it blew in. "How are you doing? I haven't seen you much since we've gotten here. Figured you were out, hitting all the shops with the Council's credit card." Angel shook his head. He still couldn't believe he was living at the Council.

      Suddenly, a cool breeze blew through the garden and he glanced at Cordy, noticing she didn't have a jacket on. He shrugged his duster off and wrapped it around her shoulders. "I don't need it since...well, you know the reason," he said with a small smile.
  • If the others had gone looking for the brunette Slayer that morning they wouldn't have found her. Not on Council grounds anyway. She had been here long enough to tire of the training room after so many sessions so she'd went for a job. Yes, Faith Lehane jogged. It was an easy way to keep in shape and still get out of the house.

    She never would have guessed that England would have such green and open spaces available. It proved to be a beneficial surprise. Not that she would ever admit to anyone that she enjoyed her running scenery. Maybe Angel, but even that was a stretch. Most people assumed she had no emotions and she didn't bother to correct their mistake.

    Halfway home and the drizzle began. By the time she'd reached the Council building, she was close enough to drenched for her standards. Slowing her pace, she entered from the garden, knowing Giles or Wesley would complain if she tracked through the entire house. They tended to be more neat than a bunch of teenage girls. Go figure.

    Spotting Angel and Cordelia, she made a path to the shelter of the small roof ledge. "Yo." Hands rested above her knees, spine slanted in a lean as she caught her breath. "What's up, guys, Slayer brigade chase you outta the house ?"
    • Somehow, Xander sending all the baby Slayers after Angel didn't surprise Cordy. He never did like him, and it looked like nothing had changed, not even time.

      "You know, speaking as someone who wanted to kill him once, I have to say, really not worth it," she told him with a laugh. "It's more trouble than it's worth, and you'll probably just end up with a headache for your efforts. And having dealt with those for years, that's definitely not worth it."

      Before she could tell him that she hadn't even had time to think about shopping since she had been ducking Council lab rats, the breeze picked up and the rain started falling. Next thing she knew, she had a coat wrapped around her. Looking over at him, she gave him a smile.

      "Yeah, I know. Kind of hard to miss over four years of working with someone. Too bad being all demony doesn't help with dealing with cold. I'm so a California girl."

      Just then, Faith came running up to join them under the roof of the patio. Cordy still felt a bit jumpy around her, especially after what had happened when she had come to Los Angeles several years before. She knew she get over it - after all, people changed - but it wasn't that easy.

      "Pretty much," she answered her, drawing Angel's coat a bit tighter around her as the breeze got a bit stronger again. "Kind of hard to have Zen time with a bunch of girls screeching some song about being crazy in love. What about you?"
      • "Guess I'm lucky since the cold doesn't bother me," Angel said with a small shrug as Cordy snuggled under his coat.

        When he heard someone else in the garden, he looked up in time to see Faith running up. When she asked her question, he smirked and shook his head. "They're annoying. Especially when Xander Harris sends them to my room because they think I'm going to train them." He wrinkled his brow at that. Now matter what Cordy said, Angel was still going to hurt Xander for his little prank.

        "Hopefully we can find somewhere else to live soon. I don't like living under the Council's roof, considering they hunted Angelus for years." He looked up at Faith and smiled. "How you've been doing? Seems no one sees anyone else now that we're here."

        Maybe it was because they'd spent so much time together in Sunnydale, and now they needed to be away from each other. Angel didn't know. He'd spent a good potion of his undead life alone, and being alone now didn't seem to bother him.
        • "Zen time is for amateurs." A flash of a smile and Faith regained an upright position, soon choosing to lean against the wall of the house. A small chuckle at Angel's expense. "Yeah, well, leave to it Xan to annoy you in a third party fashion." It was true from what she'd heard and seen of her own memory. There was most likely small odds the two would ever be getting along.

          "The girls aren't that bad." Almost feeling the skeptics looks bubbling to the surface of both, she added. "If you're gone a lot." A casual shrug and she swept a few stray locks clinging to her face aside. "I dunno. They're eager to train. Fight. I get that. . . There's just so fuckin' many of 'em."

          Glance pulling back from the view to settle on the vampire, she gave him a clear look of avoidance. "You know me, five by five." He was right though, it seemed the newly made group had began drifting ever since arriving in England. Dealing with new recruits and other odds and ends, it didn't leave much time for socializing and if it did, most people already had other means of relaxation.

          "It's a wicked good thought, all of us splitting from the Council's wing. Just not sure it's a good idea." Admitted or not, Faith worried about the girls.
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