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The Watchers Chronicles

Buffy had managed to get up an hour earlier than normal in hopes of…

The Watchers Chronicles

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Buffy had managed to get up an hour earlier than normal in hopes of actually getting some hot water. They'd been settled in Council housing for a couple weeks now, and she'd had exactly one - ONE - hot shower in that time. Sharing a bathroom with a billion teenage girls less considerate than her own sister was wearing on her nerves.

She headed down to the kitchen to score some breakfast, only to find that every food item she'd purchased in the last week had been completely devoured, except for one bite - one - of the raspberry frozen yogurt she'd hidden in a brussels sprouts bag for just that reason.

Cold (but clean,) hungry and grouchy, she settled on the couch in the common area, glaring daggers at a television that wasn't even on. Today she was going to talk to Giles about giving his senior Slayer a salary, or so help her, she was just going to have to get a job elsewhere. She needed to move out while she still had a tenuous grip on reality and sanity.

(Open to anyone willing to deal with a grouchy Slayer.)
  • With a smirk, Xander handed Buffy another slice of pizza. "I'm not afraid of Angel. What's he gonna do to me? Brood me to death?" he asked with a laugh.

    He had to agree with Buffy on the Will and Tara stuff - they'd probably want their own place so they could do whatever it was they did...

    "Y'know," Xander quickly said to get his mind off watching Willow and Tara, "we should even get Giles and Wesley to help us find a place to leave. This is their turf and we're nothing but - what did that lovely girl at the store call me - 'stupid yanks'. At first I thought she said wank, and I so didn't want to go there. I say later we go to their office, knock several times because you never know what they're doing, and demand money and a place to live. And maybe some of those Jaffa cakes!"
    • "That's not a bad idea... especially the knocking part. I've had one too many accidental anatomy lessons in my life, thanks so much. Maybe not demand money and a place to live, but ask nicely and make pouty face. Well, me, not you. Watchers can't resist Slayer pouty face." Buffy practically inhaled the second slice of pizza, shifting around so she was laying across the couch with her head pillowed on Xander's leg. "You made my morning so much less sucktastic."

      After a bit, she sat up. "Let's go talk to them now. The sooner we ask, the sooner we can get moving and be out from under the Council's roof and away from the Baby Slayers. We can walk around in our underwear and no one will care. Except maybe us. But you know what I mean, right?
      • Xander was enjoying the fact Buffy had her head on his lap. He just hoped certain body parts didn't decide to pop up in the middle of their conversation. He knew it was a normal part of a being a guy, but, he didn't want to be known as the guy who'd gotten an erection because Buffy had placed her head on his leg.

        "Pouty faces are always good," he murmured before biting in his pizza.

        When Buffy suddenly jumped up, he raised his eyebrows. "We should before someone else gets the..." He trailed off and almost choked on his pizza when she mentioned underwear...her underwear...her walking around in underwear in front of him.

        Seemed that did more to wake him up than having her head on his lap.

        "Giles and Wes...office..." Xander muttered before standing up and turning around from her. He tugged on his jeans. "I'm sure they're in...their office."
        • "Awesome. Let's go now!" Buffy was totally psyched now. Not only would she be getting away from the Baby Slayers, and Angel and Cordy - who she didn't really have anything personal against, except that they both brought back bad memories - but she'd get to spend more one-on-one time with Xander, and that couldn't be bad. On a scale of one to ten of badness, spending time with Xander was a negative three at worst.

          "Wait... there's a Starbucks on the way to Giles' and Wes' office, right? Because I'm in serious caffiene withdrawal, and if we're gonna live together you should at least buy me a cup of coffee first," she added, winking at him.
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