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The Watchers Chronicles

Buffy had managed to get up an hour earlier than normal in hopes of…

The Watchers Chronicles

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Buffy had managed to get up an hour earlier than normal in hopes of actually getting some hot water. They'd been settled in Council housing for a couple weeks now, and she'd had exactly one - ONE - hot shower in that time. Sharing a bathroom with a billion teenage girls less considerate than her own sister was wearing on her nerves.

She headed down to the kitchen to score some breakfast, only to find that every food item she'd purchased in the last week had been completely devoured, except for one bite - one - of the raspberry frozen yogurt she'd hidden in a brussels sprouts bag for just that reason.

Cold (but clean,) hungry and grouchy, she settled on the couch in the common area, glaring daggers at a television that wasn't even on. Today she was going to talk to Giles about giving his senior Slayer a salary, or so help her, she was just going to have to get a job elsewhere. She needed to move out while she still had a tenuous grip on reality and sanity.

(Open to anyone willing to deal with a grouchy Slayer.)
  • "Awesome. Let's go now!" Buffy was totally psyched now. Not only would she be getting away from the Baby Slayers, and Angel and Cordy - who she didn't really have anything personal against, except that they both brought back bad memories - but she'd get to spend more one-on-one time with Xander, and that couldn't be bad. On a scale of one to ten of badness, spending time with Xander was a negative three at worst.

    "Wait... there's a Starbucks on the way to Giles' and Wes' office, right? Because I'm in serious caffiene withdrawal, and if we're gonna live together you should at least buy me a cup of coffee first," she added, winking at him.
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