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The Watchers Chronicles

Before six years ago, demons were something that me and Jimmy and…

The Watchers Chronicles

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Me - In Wonder

Before six years ago, demons were something that me and Jimmy and Corey and Stevie always suspected were real but could never prove, even though we spent hours pouring over Jimmy's conspiracy magazines in his basement. Of course, Stevie thought it was stupid that we had any interest in demons and wanted to focus on aliens. He was the one that had me convinced I was going to be abducted by aliens and probed. Of course, he convinced me while I was high and not exactly able to think straight.

I know. I know. We were the four smartest kids in school, it was summer vacation, and we were unbelievably bored. I guess we could have found better ways to occupy our time, but given where we lived, that was what we did.

Then Stevie was killed in a car accident when he drove after getting high on his own one night, and I never touched the stuff again. His parents said he was coming over to see me. I wanted to get out of San Antonio after that, so I decided to definitely take the scholarship offer to UCLA.

Anyway, back to the demons I always thought were real but weren't sure about... Well, I found out for sure when I opened that book while I was shelving in the Los Angeles public library one night. Kinda hard to ignore the reality when you have a green, horned one standing over you, calling you a cow and putting a strange collar around your neck. I don't really like remembering what happened to me after that and what it was like , only that it was scary and smelly and painful and awful, and I had to escape, even it meant dying in the process because there was no way I was going to let them use me as a breeder like they did the other girls.

I managed to disable my collar and escape, then I set to work trying to get home. I tried that equation so many times and nothing happen until one day when I was walking down to the stream to clean up because the water in my cave had dried up due to no rain. I was repeating the words over and over out loud - partly to keep them in my mind since I had started forgetting things and partly to keep myself company with my own voice - and suddenly, I felt that pulling sensation, and there I was, in Wesley and Rupert's bookshop. I was so scared, but they were so nice, and even though my parents wanted me to go home with them, I stayed in Sunnydale, even when they decided to go home to England.

I had just gotten around to re-enrolling in college at Sunnydale University a year after Willow had resurrected Buffy when strange things started happening in the town. Something called the First was planning on taking back power. In some ways, it was even worse than what had happened with Glory because it visited us as people who had died, and it came to me as Stevie. I was so glad when Rupert and Wesley came back...with Rupert's cousin Matty in tow. Well, his name is actually Matthew, but I call him Matty. No one else does. Sometimes I wonder if he's just being nice about letting me call him that because we like each other so much.

For a while there, I wasn't sure that we were all going to get out of Sunnydale alive, and some of us didn't. But most of us did, and now we're in England. Wesley and Rupert have asked me to be one of their assistants while they rebuild the Watchers Council. How could I say no?

I really should wrap this up since I need to go see Matty at the hospital. He's supposed to be getting out soon, and when he does, I hope the others realize that Amanda's death wasn't his fault. He's so sweet, and I loved working with him when we were helping Rupert and Wesley research. He's absolutely wonderful. Cute too.

I don't ever regret what's started between me and Matty, but I do hate that it might have hurt Xander. He's a great guy, he really is, but...I just never felt that way about him. I know the right girl's out there for him, though. He'll find her.

I definitely have to go now so I can get to the hospital because I don't want to get stuck in rush-hour traffic on the Underground - it's a mad house down there!
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