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The Watchers Chronicles

Hot guys with accents. It was as good a reason as any for her to…

The Watchers Chronicles

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hard to get by
Hot guys with accents. It was as good a reason as any for her to settle in London with the others. Rebuilding the Council was the big plan for the newly assembled, increasingly bigger, gang but Faith didn't care much for established authority. As long as it didn't interfere with her dishing out much needed violence to the demon population, she was content enough not to argue.

There was an underlying resentment that coincided with the mention of the Council, as pertaining to her previous encounters with their members. They had never really considered her a valuable asset to their strategy, ruling her as damaged goods before inspection. They weren't altogether wrong, but it was the principle of the matter that burned her pride.

Then there was the situation with Wes. The green Watcher sent as the dead one's replacement. It hadn't ended on the best terms, with him or anyone, when she gave in to the darkness, aligning herself with the Mayor. It was a mistake, one she paid for with a coma. Upon awaking she'd made a lot more mistakes. She regretted all of them later and with some steady direction from Angel she'd convicted herself and went to jail.

Not the most adventurous of her days, but it proved to be a different brand of liberation for the brunette. One much needed. Fate would never allow a Slayer's life to be easy though. So when she was attacked by another inmate wielding a fetish for big knives, the brunette questioned her place in the grand scheme. A model prisoner up to that point, a committee determined the physical exchange wouldn't result in a black mark on her file.

The second attack on her life resulted in the exact opposite reaction, as she had nearly killed the culprit in order to avoid harm herself. The cult weaponry making it inside the jail not once but twice left her with unanswered questions. She'd broken out of the prison a day later. Her first stop had been the Hyperion but finding Angel gone, she went to the only other source that could offer her information. Sunnydale.

A massive dose of regret and penance, of sorts, she'd accepted the undertow of distrust held for her by the Scoobies. She'd stayed on hand though, doing her best to aid the fight against the First. And now ? Now, she was living with the newly turned Slayers, and a few others, at the Council headquarters.

Buffy had decided to find a place off grounds, so Faith wanted to be handy in case a crisis occurred. She didn't mind sharing the space or luxuries inside the building. It was better than a concrete cell, that was a given. It was all an adjustment on her part and she was doing her best. The desire to redeem herself for past sins outweighed the grievances she had for the situation. Now there was only the small issue of her being an escaped convict. No doubt that would come back to bite her in the ass, like so many other decisions.
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