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The Watchers Chronicles

Love is…humorous. The first time I met Wesley, I wanted to kick…

The Watchers Chronicles

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Giles - Talking in suit

Love is…humorous. The first time I met Wesley, I wanted to kick his ruddy arse out the library door. He came into my life, taking over my job, and Slayer. Well, Slayers if you count Faith, which I don’t like to. Yet, within a few weeks, I noticed Wesley wasn’t the ruddy git I thought he was, and that I rather liked him.

The relationship wasn’t easy…still isn’t at times. Most relationships aren’t. Jenny’s death was still fresh in my mind, and I had a nagging fear the same would happen to Wesley. That’s why I begged him to stay after the Council canned him to. I needed him to be close so I could protect him.

We stayed in Sunnydale, and ran the Magic Box. Buffy went off to college and didn’t need me as much, but Wesley was here to help me through it, and to remind me I was needed. He even stood by my side when Ethan came to town, and caused havoc once again.

He saved me from Ethan, but he couldn’t save me from losing Buffy. Nothing felt right about Sunnydale after her death, and I couldn’t stay there. So, I walked away. Run off with my bloody tail between my legs and went home to England. Luckily Wesley’s a patient man, and came with me and never once questioned my motives.

I was rather looking forward to just staying in England, but when Matthew came to us with information about the First, we went back to Sunnydale. Things were different, with all of them. They all seemed more mature - more battle worn. I fondly remember the teenagers I’d met years ago, but no longer were they teenagers.

Willow and Tara saved us all when they cast the spell to bring forth more Slayers. We won the battle, but lost several people, include Spike and Anya. Is Spike a hero for what he did? Yes, but a stupid one at that.

And now Wesley and I are back in London, with those who survived. We’re rebuilding the Council from the ground up, and getting rid of those who oppose us. It’s a hard job but someone needs to make sure the hundreds of new Slayers have a place to call home.
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